what is a product vision in scrum

What Is a Product Vision in Scrum? Definition and Tips

What is a product vision in scrum? Also, how can you define your team’s product vision? In this article, we will discuss its definition, its importance, and tips on how you can create one.

What Is a Product Vision in Scrum?

The product vision is a strategic document for the organization’s or team’s product. It is a statement that provides information about:

  • The future state of the product
  • Identifies the purpose and value of it

What is product vision in scrum? 

To put it simply, it is a way to review the past and predict the future of your product. It starts with an initial idea that you think can be used by customers. 

Then, you define the goal, objectives, and values of the product. You will also need to know what you are trying to achieve. 

The result should be a roadmap that enables you to create a better product.

A product vision document can help your team use how they work with each other more efficiently. It will also help them to identify how they work with their customers more effectively. 

It can also aid your team in defining how they want to develop their products. So which are the key elements of a good product vision? Let’s take a look at them now!

Product Vision Elements in Scrum

Here are some important elements for creating a good product vision in scrum:


The goals should be measurable. You want to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. It is important to know what you are trying to accomplish. 


Objectives are a series of goals that will help you to achieve your goal. You should be able to measure these as well. 


These are the principles that your product should follow. It should support your objectives as well as your goals. 


You should also include the competition in your product vision document as well as other market trends. Your team needs to know how they fit into the market and how they can compete against other products on the market. 

Market research

Include the type of customers that you want to target and why they will use your product. You will also need to know their needs and wants and how it can help them.

Tips on Creating Your Product Vision

Here are some tips on how you can create your product vision in the scrum

Think about the product or service that you want to deliver in the future. The product vision should be simple and easy to understand. 

Start with a high-level idea of what you want to achieve in the future. 

Then, identify the goals that you want to achieve, the objectives that will help you meet your goal, and the values that will support your objectives. 

You should also include the competition and market trends in your document. 

Ask for feedback from stakeholders to ensure that they are on board with your vision. 

Once you have created your document, share it with everyone on your team so they can get on board with the vision. 

The Bottom Line

A product vision is a key document that will give your team a clear idea of what they are working on. It will also give them a sense of direction and enable them to work together more efficiently. 

Once you have created your product vision, your team needs to share the vision with the stakeholders. They will be able to understand the goals and objectives of your project. 

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