Salesforce 9 Dots App Launcher

Learn more about the Salesforce 9 Dots and how it provides programmatic access to your entire database via an application framework that is simple, effective, and safe.

What Is Salesforce 9 Dots?

The Salesforce 9 Dots App Launcher is a tool that helps you manage your Salesforce data. Provides a simple and efficient way to discover, connect, and interact with all of your Salesforce data. Set up a unique 9 Dots environment for each project you work on.

Thus, it keeps your data organized and accessible. In other words, your 9 Dots App Launcher is private to you and you can control which parts of Salesforce it accesses. Assigns an icon to each of your Salesforce datasets.

So, it provides an “at-a-glance” view of what information is available within each dataset. You can interact with each dataset by clicking on its icon. For example, click on the Contacts dataset icon to create a new record or read and update existing records.

Easily visualize connections between datasets and share datasets with other people in your company. The 9 Dots App Launcher makes it easy to share datasets with others. Those who can then add their datasets or start using the ones that you’ve shared with them. 

Gives you full programmatic access to all the data that appears in your Salesforce App Launcher via Chatter API calls. So, you can execute them in the background when you click on a dataset’s icon. 

Salesforce 9 Dots – How To Use It?

Use the Salesforce GUI and navigate to your Setup window. Then click on Build. Next, click on Build App Launcher. After clicking on Build App Launcher, a new window appears where you can configure your App Launcher.

You can even add multiple datasets to the App launcher. This is by clicking on Add Dataset button in the Settings section of App Launcher builder. Click on the Save button after adding all datasets to your App launcher. Finally, click on the Save button again to get your App launcher ready. 

9 Dots App Launcher Importance

Salesforce 9 Dots provides an easy way to understand Salesforce data. It makes it possible to easily connect with the data that you need. For example, if you have a project where you need to interact with a set of leads, you can create a 9 Dots App Launcher for that project.

You can then assign an icon to each Lead record and another icon for each Contact record in the dataset. This can help you quickly identify which dataset contains the information that you need.

Salesforce 9 Dots provides programmatic access via Chatter API calls. Chatter API allows you to execute callbacks in the background when you click on a dataset’s icon. This is very important. Because it makes the 9 Dots App Launcher usable for various complex use cases like file uploads and asynchronous communication.

Salesforce 9 Dots Limitations

Because 9 Dots is an open-source project and an App Launcher. It’s still in a very early stage. It has many limitations which might be annoying at times. For example, Salesforce 9 Dots doesn’t support editing of the data within the app launcher.

That means you can run a report or use a formula field within the App launcher. But you can’t add or update records. Salesforce 9 Dots provides programmatic access via Chatter API calls. Also, it makes it possible to edit records in the App Launcher. However, currently, you can only run reports and use formula fields without updating any record.

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