VP Product Delivery

VP Product Delivery

What is the VP product delivery? In this article, we will discuss more information in this title. Read this article so you can have knowledge of this study.

What is the VP of Product Delivery?

The VP of product delivery is in charge of the delivery of the company’s product to its customers. This means that he/she is in charge of the development team and its deliverable products. Also, this position is responsible for product management.

The VP Delivery is in all aspects of product delivery including:

Defining and communicating product vision, strategy, and roadmap. Also, championing the product strategy and roadmap across all functions. Ensuring integration with overall business strategy. Also, managing product backlog and releases.

Managing the relationship with customers, sales, and marketing. Defining high-quality standards that ensure customer delight through early and continuous delivery of business value.

Ensuring alignment to strategic goals, in particular defining the right scope for each release and iteration and the right delivery cadence. A lot of work is done by the VP of delivery and it is a very broad role that requires a lot of commitment.

One of the most important roles in this position is to ensure that the product vision is clearly articulated and communicated to all team members. The product vision must be clear, concise, and inspiring. It must also be motivating enough to push the team to move forward.

The VP of delivery must also be able to articulate and communicate the product strategy and roadmap. Also, the VP of Delivery is responsible for ensuring that the product is integrated with the overall business strategy. 

Goals and Missions

The VP of delivery has many responsibilities, but there are also some goals and missions that they have to achieve. So, all VPs of product delivery aim to ensure that the company’s product is on time and following the agreed quality standards.

All VPS of product delivery is expected to have excellent technical skills and knowledge. This is because you need to know what you are doing to be able to perform your job well.

They must be familiar with the development process and the technology used by the company. The VP of Delivery is expected to work closely with the customers and sales departments for them to ensure that the company’s products meet their needs.

They must be able to articulate and communicate the product vision, strategy, and roadmap. Also, they have to have excellent communication skills. The VP of Delivery is responsible for managing all aspects of the product delivery life cycle.


There are also some risks that the VP of Delivery must be able to handle. Some of them are as follows:

If the VP Product Delivery is not committed to their work and/or does not bring passion to their job, it may mean that they are not fully prepared for the role. This may become a reason for your company to lose productivity.


The salary of VPs of product delivery can vary greatly, depending on various factors such as the location and industry. However, in most cases, the salary may vary from $ 200,000 to $ 500,000.


To sum up, the VP of product delivery is a very demanding position that requires a lot of commitment, dedication, and passion.

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