Jumio Aims to Accelerate Growth With Trio of New Hires

Micah Willbrand is the company’s new VP of Product for AML Services, coming to the company from Experian, where he served as Managing Director … Read source

Hiring a new executive is one of the most important tasks for senior executives. The VP of marketing is one of the key roles that any company would like to fill. The key steps to build a strong VP of global marketing:

Step 1. Think about your future CMO and your business needs specifically

The most important role of the CMO is to have good data or intelligence about what is happening in the market. In this case, Daugherty and his team began with a list of potential candidates and asked themselves if they had data on how many of them would be interested in taking the position. With a clear view of what they were looking for, they narrowed down to a short list and then narrowed it further to a few finalists with whom they could have in-depth conversations.

Step 2. Start with your search consultant to gain market insight

According to Daugherty, it’s important for you and your search firm to be on the same page when you start looking for candidates. He says that it’s critical for them to understand what you’re looking for and what your business goals are for the next 18 months or so, as well as understand how you’re doing against your business objectives today.

Step 3. Make sure you start with strong questions and ask them over and over again

It’s critical that you get useful information from every interview. This means that you need to clearly define what you want to know before interviewing someone new. For example, don’t just ask if someone likes people—ask them if they like smart people who challenge them or if they like people who are easy to manage because that will give you insight into their management style that can be very helpful when making hiring decisions later on.

Step 4: Hire an experienced search consultant or recruiter with subject matter expertise in your industry

The best search consultants know how to ask the right questions that get you the potential candidate’s attention. The right questions will give you a sense of the candidate’s ability to be successful in the role and have the right answers. He also believes that it’s critical to hire a consultant who knows your industry well, has good relationships with your competitors, and understands how they’re performing against their business objectives.

Step 5: Create a clear and compelling position description

Once you’ve gotten an idea of what you’re looking for in a candidate, you should write out a position description. This is extremely important because it forces you to think about what you really need. A strong position description will make it easier for you to get beyond the first few candidates on your short list and start getting some really deep conversations going with them.

Step 6: Make sure your job posting is interesting and compelling enough to attract top candidates

If your posting doesn’t generate a lot of interest from people outside of your company, it means that you need to do some re-thinking about what you’re asking for in your posting. If you don’t have enough top-level people interested in applying for the job, then it may be time for another round of re-thinking before moving forward.

Step 7: Make sure your interview process is rigorous and thorough

There’s no one perfect candidate out there, he thinks that it’s important to have a rigorous process so that all candidates get a fair shot at making their case.

Questions like “What are some examples of great work you’ve done?” and “What would be three things we would say about you if we talked to other people?” These kinds of questions help them get beyond the traditional interview process and really understand who is going to care about their work and also be able to work well with different kinds of people. It’s important for candidates to be able to articulate what they’ve done well, what they’ve learned from challenges, why they want this job now, and how they are going to help your company meet its business goals.

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