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What Is a Product Organization in Business?

What is a product organization in business? A product organization is a division of a business that is dedicated to one product.

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A Closer Look at Product Organization in Business

What is a product organization? Product organizations are divisions of a business that are dedicated to one product.

Product organizations are consumer-oriented, and they are usually located within the consumer goods industry.

They have their marketing, sales, and research and development departments.

Product organizations create goods that consumers can buy and use. To do this effectively, product organizations must work together with some other departments within a business. 

Marketing departments within product organizations handle all communication with the consumer, including advertising and promotional campaigns

Sales departments handle all sales of products to the consumer. Also, research and development departments handle product research and development. 

On the other hand, production departments handle the creation of products for consumers. 

These departments all work together to create a single product that consumers can buy, use, and enjoy.

A Product Organization in Business Example

An example is a real estate company that focuses on selling and renting homes in one city. This company might create a product organization that is dedicated to selling and renting homes in that city. 

The department within the company that focuses on home sales would be called the “home sales department.” 

The department dedicated to home rentals would be called the “home rentals department.” 

These departments would be part of the larger whole that is the company’s product organization. 

The company’s marketing, sales, research and development, and production departments would all work together with these departments to create successful products for consumers.

In this case, the “home rentals department” would handle home rental advertisements. It would also handle home rental promotions and other forms of advertising. 

The “home sales department” would handle all home sales transactions as well as rent-to-own contracts and other transactions involving homes as properties rather than as simple purchases. 

The business’s research and development department would handle research regarding consumers’ preferences regarding homes and home rentals in general. 

The business’s production department would handle the creation of all homes for sale or rent within the company’s city limits.

Why Having a Product Organization Is Important

Having a product organization is important because it allows a business to focus on one product and appeal to one specific consumer group.

A business with a product organization can also have better control over the quality of its product. 

For example, in the real estate company example, a business could improve the quality of its home products by having one department dedicated to home improvements. 

The department would be able to make changes in the home’s design or structure by talking directly with other departments within the company. 

It would also be able to measure the success of its changes by seeing how consumers react to its new homes.


In this article, we discussed what a product organization is in business. We also explored why having a product organization is important. 

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