how to communicate product vision

How to Communicate Product Vision Effectively

Let us learn about how to communicate product vision effectively.

Many people rely on product vision to support their teams to deliver the best possible results. The manager’s job becomes much easier when the team understands the company’s mission and vision. 

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The Impact of Good Communication of Product Vision

Product vision is an important aspect of product management. It helps the team to understand the company’s mission.

For example, let us consider a company which makes telephone handsets for corporate customers. 

The company aims to provide the best quality handsets that are needed by the customers.

The team members should know how this mission is related to the product they are developing. They should know that they are creating a phone which will be used in offices and meeting rooms by the corporate employees. 

So, their job becomes easier if they understand this message properly.

They can put more effort into creating a sturdy handset that can survive heavy usage in a corporate environment. 

They will know what features they need to include in the phone to support this requirement. This helps them to deliver an outstanding product in terms of quality and innovation.

The same idea applies to all other products. If a team understands its vision properly, it can deliver good results consistently and efficiently.

How to Communicate Product Vision Effectively?

Product management is not an easy job at all. Sometimes, it becomes even more difficult when a manager has to communicate product vision effectively.

Let us see how we can communicate product vision effectively:

Focus on the Problem, Not the Solution

Communicating a vision is not the same as creating a full product requirement document. Focus on the problem that a product is solving and how it is going to be used by the customers. 

It will help you to understand how the product should be designed. It will also help your team members understand why they are building a certain feature.

When you focus on the problem, you can put more effort into understanding customer needs. This will help you to create innovative solutions for the problems that your customers are facing.

Consider Your Audience

You cannot create a product for everyone. You need to clearly define who will use your product and what their needs are. 

This is even more important for B2B products because your audience might be using the product in different ways than consumers use it. 

For example, if you are creating a CRM tool for small business owners, think about how they use their CRM application and what they expect from it. 

Valuable Communication Solutions Are Worth Paying For

Communicating a vision is like a job. It requires time, effort, and money. If you want to create a really valuable set of communication materials, you need to invest your time and money in it. 

It is not going to happen overnight. Consider it as an investment in the future.

Stay True To Your Product Vision

Communicating product vision also means communicating how you are going to stay true to your vision in future releases of the product.

So, do not forget about this aspect while creating new versions of the product.


Communicating product vision is not an easy job. You should always focus on the problem and your audience. Think about how they are going to use your product, and who they are. 

You should also think about how you can stay true to your vision in the future. It is an investment that can take you a long way. 

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