VP Product Operations Salary

VP Product Operations Salary

What is the VP product operations salary? Read this study to have more knowledge about this title. As a result, it can help you to learn more.

What is the VP Product Operations Salary?

The VP Product Operations salary is $206,000, according to American Consumer Opinion. This salary is based on 1 survey response.

The average VP Operations salary ranges from $158,208 to $225,000. The average VP Product salary in the US is $189,566. The median VP Product salary in Canada is CA$ 140,000.

Based on international locations, the highest VP Product Operations salary in India is INR 10 Lacs, which translates to US$ 15,288 in US dollars.

Based on international location, the highest VP Product salary in Russia is ₽2.3 million (US$ 36,908), which translates to US$ 201,250 in US dollars.

The lowest VP Product Operations salary in the United States is $ 62,000. Also, the lowest VP Product Operations salary in Canada is CA $68,000.

Place of Employment

According to American Consumer Opinion, the VP Operations salary ranges from $158,208 to $225,000. The average salary for this role is $189,566. The median salary for this role is $140,000.

According to Glassdoor, the average VP Operations salary in San Francisco is $195,000; in New York City it’s $183,500; in Boston, it’s $160,000; and in Seattle, it’s $180,373.

In a study conducted by InfoWorld, the average VP Operations salary in Silicon Valley is $162,000. The study also found that the average VP Operations salary in Silicon Valley is $158,000; in Boston, it’s $150,000; in New York City it’s $180,000, and in San Francisco, it’s $165,000.

According to BLS, the average national salary for a VP of Operations is $216,710. This is higher than every city-specific salary average.


The role of a VP Product Operations includes:

  • Manage company’s product development process
  • Manage the company’s product portfolio, product line, or product mix.
  • Drive growth and profitability of the company’s products.
  • Ensure efficient operation of all products.
  • Communicate with management and other employees in the organization.

Oversee, manage and direct all aspects of the product development process. This includes the design, development, launch, delivery, and marketing of new and existing products.

Key Skills

According to glassdoor, the key skills for a VP of Product Operations are Understanding the overall product development process and cross-functional teams. 

Skill in planning, coordination, and implementation of multiple projects. Ability to effectively manage and delegate tasks. Also, ability to manage large-scale projects and identify potential problems.

  • Business skills – This includes communication, team building, leadership, management, and time management. 
  • Business knowledge – This includes an understanding of market trends, competitors, customers, business models, and the industry in general. 
  • Technical skills – This includes knowledge of computer science principles and software development processes.


The risks include: 

  • The product development process is not as efficient as it should be.
  • The product is not delivered on time.
  • Company is not competitive in the marketplace.
  • Shareholders are not receiving a satisfactory return on investment.

Education and Training

According to Glassdoor, the required education and training for a VP of Product Operations is a bachelor’s degree in business or engineering. Also, it’s required to have a minimum of 10 years experience in product development.


Product ops (short for product operations) is an operational function that optimizes the intersection of product, engineering, and customer success. It supports the R&D team and their go-to-market counterparts to improve alignment, communications, and processes around the product.

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