Top Product Marketing Platforms

Top Product Marketing Platforms

Top Product Marketing Platforms. A product platform is a grouping of modules or elements that are used in a variety of products. This commonality is purposefully cultivated in order to accomplish desired outcomes and so produce value.

Product platform resources must be packaged with other resources and/or capabilities as part of this process.


It is the omnichannel marketing automation platform for e-commerce. Omnisend allows you to automatically deliver personalized marketing messages across multiple channels. It also, includes email, SMS, push notifications, Facebook Messenger, and more.


Smartling is a cloud-based translation management platform. Hence, provides services for translation memory management, project management, localization quality control, and workflow automation.


Totango is a cloud-based sales intelligence platform that integrates with CRMs. And other 3rd party applications to give Sales Teams access to real-time data on contacts, deals, and competitors.


Transifex is a global software solution for helping companies manage and streamline their translation process. Also, Transifex works with 400+ languages have more than 80,000 projects. And serve everyone from small startups to Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Sony PlayStation, and IBM. is an artificial intelligence marketing automation platform for sales teams and marketers to transform their lead generation & nurturing campaigns at scale. Moreover, uses machine learning technology to automate inbound marketing activities and create predictive inbound lead campaigns.


 is a predictive marketing platform that uses machine learning and real-time data to predict which customers will churn, respond to upsells, or take specific actions at the right time. It’s built on top of the world’s largest database of customer behavior (140B+ rows).


 is a marketing tool that supports digital marketing campaigns. BrandMaker helps businesses to create and run their own successful marketing campaigns. It is to help organizations to increase the number of leads and sales generated through digital marketing campaigns. It is also useful in managing customer relationship management (CRM) efforts.


It is a customer intelligence platform that provides real-time analytics and reporting with predictive customer behavior models. Also, it provides a set of tools for data collection, data enrichment, and analysis. It also helps to measure the success of marketing campaigns, analyze the performance of specific segments, and provides recommendations on how to improve performance.


DataSift is an enterprise social data management platform that enables organizations to harvest, organize and act upon the conversations happening around them in real-time. Further, it is to enable organizations to listen, understand, and act upon the conversations happening around them in real-time.


Modsynergy is an online design collaboration platform that helps people to share design ideas, images, and videos from anywhere in a simple way. It is to help people share their design ideas, images, and videos with their team members, family, or friends in a simple way. It also allows people to capture feedback on their designs via video chat or SMS messages.


Crowdtangle is a social media monitoring tool that provides real-time updates on conversations across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Further, Crowdtangle gives information about what hashtags are trending on Twitter in any location across the world.


Mention is a social media monitoring tool that shows real-time social media mentions of any topic or brand across various channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube blogs, etc. Hence, Mention is useful for content marketing planning where it can be used for planning content calendar based on potential topics for posting during different days of the week or month based on trends identified in Mention reports.

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