Product Marketing Campaign that Went Wrong

Product Marketing Campaign that Went Wrong. We have to accept the fact that not all efforts result in success. So, here we will see some of the Product Marketing campaigns that Went Wrong. And know the reason why it went wrong, also how they got back to the business.

What are the Product Marketing Campaign that Went Wrong?

There are so many Product Marketing Campaigns that went wrong, but we are looking for examples.

Here are some examples.

In 2012, Google launched Google+, which was a social network. Even though it was a social network, it failed to attract customers and users. This led to increased competition for other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. In 2015 Google announced that it will stop its support for Google+ in August 2019.

In 2017, a new product from Apple named “AirPods” was introduced in the market. When compared with its competitor’s products AirPods was more expensive than them. Although Apple has a very strong brand value; it still they failed to attract the customers into buying Airpods instead of other earphones.
In 2014 Facebook bought Oculus Rift company worth $2 Billion dollars. Still this company is not able to find buyers for their expensive products and finally in 2016 they decided to close down the company and sell their business to Facebook-owned by Mark Zukerberg.

In 2016 Dodge launched their new car “Dodge Challenger Hellcat” which was driven by 707 HP engine at a price tag of $64,995 USD (approx). Although it had good features and quality; still they were unable to attract the customers because of its high price tag.
In 2013 Nokia launched Nokia Lumia 920 with 4G LTE technology with an operating system called “Windows Phone”. Nokia Lumia 920 had a great design but it had very poor quality because of which customers started avoiding it. After this incident Nokia lost its market share in the smartphone market and finally in 2017 they sold their business to Microsoft.

The product launch by Coke called Coca-Cola Blak was one of the greatest marketing blunders made by Coca-Cola Company. They launched a new drink called Coca-Cola Blak in 2008 but after a few years they stopped producing this drink because the sales from Coca-Cola Blak were disappointing compared to other Coke drinks such as Diet Coke and Sprite etc.

In 2013 McDonald’s launched an app named “Create Your Taste” which helps people order a custom burger. But the sales for this app were disappointing because customers did not like the taste of burgers from McDonald’s. In 2015 McDonald’s stopped selling the Create Your Taste app in Australia.

Although these are a few examples of a Product Marketing Campaign that Went Wrong, but there are so many other examples like these such as “Google Glass”, “Beats Headphone” etc. All these companies failed to attract customers and they lost their market share in their respective markets.

The Reason Why Product Marketing Campaigns Went Wrong?

There are many reasons why some of the Marketing Campaigns went wrong and some were successful. When a company launches a new product, then it has to keep in mind all the factors related to that product. These factors can be:
The quality of the product
The design of the product
The price of the product
The features of the product
If a company launched a new product into the market without considering any of these factors then there is a big chance that their new product may fail in its marketing campaign in comparison to other products from their competitors.

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